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Intermediate Motorcycle Courses and Training

intermediateIntermediate Course – This is our most popular course. It is designed for riders who have obtained their full licence, but want to learn more about the art of riding a motorcycle well. Many riders are familiar with that feeling of getting a series of bends just right, but consider it a fluke because they are unable to repeat the process at will. After this course the rider becomes more skilled and enjoys their biking at a new level.

For riders who have obtained their full licence using their basic skills, but yet need to learn more about real life situations including:

  • Overtaking
  • Motorway riding
  • Countryside riding
  • Hazard awareness
  • Riding at night
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Riding with a pillion passenger

None of the above was included in your motor bike driving test

This training can include, on request, the approved AON/AXA rider training course, and so the rider benefits from appreciably lower insurance rates.

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