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Advanced Motorcycle Courses and Training

advancedAdvanced Course - For those riders who are considering or preparing for the Institute of Advanced Motorists, or the RoSPA advanced riders test. Following completion of this course students are safer and more methodical, especially when dealing with hazards. They will have better observation and bike control skills. Progress will be steady and unobtrusive – the characteristics of a very skilled rider.

This course will start with an assessment ride with your instructor. Topics covered include:

  • Becoming a better rider
  • System of motorcycle control
  • Observation
  • Acceleration, Use of gears, Braking
  • Cornering, Balance, Avoiding skids
  • Signals
  • Positioning
  • Overtaking
  • Motorway riding
  • Speed and safety
  • Road-worthiness checks
  • Pre-ride checks
  • Basic first aid

On conclusion of this course, you are encouraged to take the RoSPA advanced riding test, where you are tested by a qualified member of the Garda Siochana Traffic Division, or a RoSPA examiner. This test is graded bronze, silver or gold. When successful to a silver or higher grade, AXA/AON Bike Care will give you a 30% discount on your insurance premium.

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